Seven Gymnastics Girls

Seven Gymnastics Girls


Who are they? Well there are actually eight gymnastic girls, and they post videos to their popular YouTube channel. The name of the channel comes from the format of one user posting on each of the 7 days of the week, and the extra person is because sisters Hayley and Katie share their video-making day. Hayley and Katie live in the U.K. while all of the other gymnasts are from the U.S.


Never heard of them? If you’re completely unfamiliar with Seven Gymnastics Girls, their videos range from fun creative gymnastics related challenges to “How to” videos and are always a lot of fun to watch! With videos being posted every day there’s always new entertaining content to see too.


This is their schedule:

Monday Zoe’s video

Tuesday Colette’s video

Wednesday Mary’s video

Thursday Hayley & Katie’s video

Friday Caitlin’s video

Saturday Rachel’s video

Sunday Jazmyn’s video

Seven Gymnastics Girls & Shawn Johnson

Recently all the girls met up together in New York. This was an extra special trip for them as they were also able to meet World and Olympic Champion Shawn Johnson, who helped them with some gymnastics videos and was happy to do a little coaching too! On top of that, the girls were able to meet up with another channel’s cast- Seven Super Girls- for some added fun and competition. It’s great to see our sport bringing people together from across the world!


The girls now have over 875,000 subscribers and their most popular video has 12,213,869 views- WOW.


Check out some of my favourite videos-

SevenGymnasticsGirls VS SevenSuperGirls Ultimate Yoga Challenge

Flexibility Challenge

Don’t they look great in their Zone leotards too?! 😉


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