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Damien Walters Interview

We wrote about Damien Walters and featured his 2010 street gymnastics show reel last week. Well, we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to get in touch with Damien by email this week and he gave us a quick e-interview about his career in gymnastics. How old were you when you first ventured into Gymnastics? Tell us a bit about your progress within the sport? I first got into Gymnastics at the age of 7 at Amber Valley Gymnastics club. At the age of 10 or 11, I started to... Read More

Street Gymnastics

‘Street Gymnastics,’ also known widely as ‘free running,’or ‘parkour,’ is an incredible variation on traditional types of gymnastics. It takes all the strength that gymnastics takes, all the discipline and all the creativity, but when someone gets its right, it is stunning to watch. It’s a modern, edgy sport that has captured the interest of young and old alike and has even garnered interest from a whole fanbase who would never have previously considered themselves to be interested in “gymnastics.” Browsing Youtube is a great way to watch some of... Read More

Gynastics Club for Disabled Children

We were utterly inspired to read about a project in Redditch, here in the UK, that is turning the possibility of participating in gymnastics into reality for disabled children. The project, organised by Redditch YMCA, is to be run in conjunction with Redditch Special Olympics. The once weekly sessions will give the disabled youngsters, between the ages of five and thirteen years, the opportunity to obtain their BAGA Cadge awards and even potentially compete in special Olympics gymnastics tournaments around the UK. We think this is an amazing opportunity for... Read More

US Gymnasts Get Olympic Medals – A Decade Late!

The U.S women’s gymnastics team were disappointed with their fourth place position at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. They felt very much as though they were capable of more – capable indeed of reaching the medal places. But it wasn’t to be. However, the team, who have since then grown up, obtained degrees, married and made all manner of other lifestyle changes, have just received bronze medals for their performance a decade ago. No, they haven’t started handing out consolation medals! However, in April of this year, it was deemed... Read More

‘Spellbound’ Want to See Olympic Gymnastics in the Olympics!

This year’s winners of reality show, ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ were ‘Spellbound.’ The group of high-adrenalin acrobatic gymnasts took the nation by storm with their spectacular (and somewhat risky) routines that seemingly tested the boundary of what was physically possible to achieve with the human body. However, not satisfied with their winning cash prize and subsequent place in the next Royal Variety Performance, the troupe have set their sights on the Olympics. There’s just one problem – their specific sport, Acrobatic Gymnastics, is not yet included in the Olympics. While many... Read More

Welcome to the Zone Blog

The Zone brings you the finest in gymnastics wear, all designed to be robust, great looking, performance clothing. We’re now pleased to launch the blog, which will bring you news, reviews and profiles from the prolific world of gymnastics. While we start gathering all the latest news and reviews, why not check out behind the scenes at last season’s catalogue photo shoot?