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Special Gymnastics Memories: Kerri Strug’s Vault

With only two weeks to go before the start of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, we are continuing with our theme of Favourite International Gymnastics Moment. Kerri Strug’s determination and “true grit” received many nominations from The Zone team. The prospect to perform a make-or-break second vault for the Olympic gold medal is surely one of the most terrifying scenarios imaginable… now envisage attempting the vault with two torn ligaments in your left ankle. This was exactly the situaticon facing US gymnast Kerri Strug, and it is exactly why this moment... Read More

Special Gymnastics Memories: The Korbut Flip

In the run-up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games, we at The Zone have picked a number of key moments that we think deserve to be highlighted as some of the most amazing gymnastics achievements in international competition over the last few decades. Share your favourite memories with us on our Facebook page In 1972, gymnastics was given a breath of fresh air, flying on the wings of “the Sparrow from Minsk”, in a moment that would change gymnastics for the next half century! That Backflip: Olga Korbut wows crowds with... Read More

Fighting for Perfection

The Winter Paralympics 2014 opens tomorrow marking the last event of three years full of sporting prowess. Whether they are experts on the snow, on the beam or on the court sportsmen and women from across the world have been training for years in the build up to the Olympics and Paralympics (2012/2014). Although they come from different countries, backgrounds and disciplines all of them have one thing in common- they have spent their lives fighting for perfection. Indeed the majority of the gymnasts, tennis players, skiers etc., who have... Read More

From Sochi with a Triple Backside Rodeo

It is Day Seven of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Team GB has achieved its first medal on the snow since the first Winter Olympics in 1924 and is in line for more medal success in the Women’s Skeleton today. On February 9th British snowboarder Jenny Jones made history with her bronze medal win, breaking the Northern European monopoly on Winter sports. Jones represents a new wave of British Winter Olympians brought up on dry slopes, indoor ski domes and apparently the gymnastic beam! In his top tips for snowboarding... Read More

Beth Tweddle: Looking Back

Last week, here at The Zone, we were gutted to see Beth Tweddle retire from her reign as the queen of British gymnastics. Indeed the most decorated woman in British gymnastics history called it quits after over a decade of competing at the very top level and winning countless awards. Giving the announcement on the anniversary of her greatest achievement of all, Beth will be continuing her involvement in the sport, turning her attention to inspiring the next generation of budding British gymnasts. In honour of Beth’s triumphs, we would... Read More

Bobby ‘Hollywood’ Hanton

Bobby Holland-Hanton. Not perhaps a name that The Zone’s usual readers might recognise at first glance. Indeed, nor is it a name that most internet surfers or regular news followers could generally differentiate. This is because a man like Bobby Holland-Hanton isn’t supposed to be recognisable. Not even when he’s driving motorcycles along the rooftops of Istanbul in the highest grossing British blockbuster of all time: Skyfall. Bobby Holland-Hanton is a stuntman, one of Hollywood’s most dynamic stuntmen at that… And it all started with gymnastics. <img ” src=””... Read More

International German Gymnastics festival

With more than 80,000 participants the Internationales Deutches Turnfest 2013 should prove to be a spectacular event this month – and The Zone will be part of it. Featuring sporting enthusiasts from around the globe, gymnastics will be at the heart of this week-long festival in Mannheim, Germany. With competitions, group performances, entertainment and galas from 18th-25th May this is the go-to destination for everything gymnastics! Following on from the popularity of our stand at the World Gymnaestrada in Switzerland, The Zone are looking forward to getting the show on... Read More

Unexpected cirque-umstances

2013 sees the UK return of the most phenomenal performing organisation in the world – Cirque du Soleil. The company’s success since its beginning in 1984 has been extraordinary, and any one of the company’s millions of followers will recount endless words in its praise; from mystifying to spectacular. With all of the flips, twists, jumps and leaps involved in a performance at the Cirque, it is clear that ground-breaking gymnastics remains at the core of the company’s success; but what is it like for performers employed by Cirque du... Read More

European Gymnastics Championships Preview

For our GB gymnasts the last few weeks have been hectic to say the least, with British and World events being held across the globe in places like Liverpool, Doha and Tokyo. Impressive performances from the likes of Daniel Purvis, Gabby Jupp and Max Whitlock have furthered our already enormous pride in Britain’s star gymnasts. So with all of the excitement, it has been easy to forget that Moscow and the European Championships are looming ever closer for 10 of our finest performers. Competition will commence on the 17th of... Read More

FIG World Cup Round Up

Britain’s gymnasts have performed well at the FIG World Cup in Tokyo this weekend, with Liverpool pair Daniel Purvis and Charlie Fellows both finishing strongly in the competition. Daniel Purvis put in an exceptionally strong performance to secure World Cup Bronze in Tokyo. Yet another outstanding showing means the Liverpool-born gymnast has finished the FIG all-around season in second place – a fantastic advertisement for British Gymnastics! Dan finished with a score of 89.250, behind Ukraine’s Oleg Vernyayev (90.375) and Japan’s Ryohei Kato (90.175). Britain was also represented well in... Read More