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One of the best parts of gymnastics is doing your floor routine to an epic soundtrack, it could be the strong synths of Madagascar by Hans Zimmer or the upbeat “Oh”s of Simone Biles’ 2016 Olympic floor routine, we all love how much music can change a performance. We decided to put together some tunes that make great floor routines; they have everything you need, drama, passion and rhythm!

Floor songs from the Movies:

As music and film nerds, we believe theme songs are the best kind of music and often make the greatest floor routine tracks! We’ve put together a few movie songs that you may or may not know to help inspire you to have a cinematic worthy floor routine.

Another Day of Sun – La La Land – Justin Hurwitz

There’s a reason La La Land and Hurwitz won the Academy award for best original music score in 2018, it’s because of how lively and cinematic his pieces are, Another Day of Sun is no exception. This upbeat number is perfect for a floor routine. Bursting with personality and energy, this jazzy song will help give your routine that something else.

Misirlou – Pulp Fiction – Dick Dale

Instantly recognisable, this 60s chic guitar riff song is perfect for a quirky upbeat floor routine. Channel your inner Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) and wow the judges with this exciting tune. We think this song would be epic for a routine with tons of tumbles!

A Princess Without A Voice – The Shape Of Water – Alexandre Desplat

If you’ve seen Cirque Du Solei’s 2018 BAFTA’s performance you will understand our love of this song with gymnastics. The beauty of this melody is in the simple piano’s duet with the harp. The soft and soothing tune pieces itself together to create an underwater effect with the music. Perfect for a dramatic floor routine.

The Avengers – Avengers Assemble –  Alan Silvestri

Wave your nerd flag high with this epic superhero soundtrack, guaranteed to make you feel as powerful as The Hulk, as flexible as The Black Widow and as fast as Captain America. Perfect for a full powered, action packed floor routine!

Rewrite The Stars – The Greatest Showman – Benj Pasek and Justin Paul

It’s basically a known fact now that everyone loves The Greatest Showman, why not showcase your love for it with this super romantic melody? Perfect for an intricate floor routine, you too could pretend you’re Zendaya floating through the sky with Zac Efron!

Popular Floor Music

This wouldn’t be a successful floor music blog post if we didn’t include some of the classics that are sure to impress at any gymnastics competition, now would it? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular floor music pieces, just in case you want a bit of inspiration, or want a guaranteed impressive score for your floor routine!

Requiem for a Dream – Clint Mansell

Give a gold standard performance with this grand discordant piece. Used by many gymnasts for their floor routine, it’s basically guaranteed to make you feel powerful and unstoppable. The aggressive violins mixed with the banging drums make this piece ideal for any dramatic performance. Put on your game face and win with this larger-than-life score!

Feeling Good Instrumental – Michael Bublé(originally by Nina Simone)

Get your jazz on with this extremely popular floor music score, ideal for a routine with show stopping tumbles, this piece has all the drama and tempo changes that you need for the ultimate floor routine. Move perfectly with the dramatic trumpets for a winning routine!

Madagascar – Hans Zimmer

I can almost guarantee that at most gymnastics competitions you will hear this extremely upbeat and adventurous score used for a floor routine. We don’t have to question why, just listen to the tempo changes, fast paced strings and complimenting bass sounds merge together to create the perfect floor music score and you’ll understand why! No wonder it’s so popular!

The Addams Family mashup

Made famous by Reagan Smith in her 2016 Pacific Rim Championship final routine. This quirky mashup is popular amongst younger gymnasts and is perfect for adding a bit of comedy and drama to any routine. Add a big smile and you’re all set for a winning routine!

Simone Biles floor music 2016

Ah yes, the Goddess of gymnastics. We couldn’t list the most popular floor music songs without mentioning our Queen Simone Biles’ 2016 Olympic Gold Medal winning score. A mixture of Brazilian tunes (because of the Rio Olympics – very smart), this score is a brilliant example of what floor music should be; upbeat, tempo changing and dramatic!

Pop Instrumentals

Unfortunately, when picking floor music, you can’t just bust out your favourite song and start jamming out to it on the floor (I’d love to see a floor routine to Come on Eileen). But luckily for you we’ve searched through the deep world of YouTube floor music to find some good quality pop instrumentals that are sure to help you perform brilliantly!

Crazy in Love – Beyoncé

Move to the melodic notes of Queen B while you tumble and twirl through your floor routine.  This mix of Yoncé’s two versions of Crazy in Love is a unique option for floor music, ideal for a sassy and dramatic number and guaranteed to help you stand out.

Backstreet Boys mashup

Our personal favourite from this section, this brilliant Backstreet Boys mashup includes the two classics Everybody and Larger than Life. This is sure to make a fun statement at your next competition and will most likely have all the millennials cheering.

Katelyn Ohashi’s 2019 Floor Music

Katelyn Ohashi is not only a brilliant gymnast, but she also has amazing taste in floor music. Take her 2019 floor music. A mashup of classic songs from the likes of Tina Turner, Earth Wind and Fire, Prince, The Jackson 5 and more. Katelyn claims that floor routines are all about ‘joy’, this mix just oozes joy completely. Upbeat and super quirky!

Starships – Nicki Minaj

This super fun piece is sure to help you stand out against all the people who choose conventional floor music. Shake it up a bit, use a Nicki Minaj song, be different! This piece has enough bass and personality to help you be unique!

So, whether you’re more of a dramatic movie floor music person or a super pop routine person, we’ve got all the bases covered!

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