Introducing 2012 Olympian Jennifer Pinches to The Zone blog

Hi all,

Jen here. I’m so excited to be a part of The Zone’s writing team and help to bring you the exciting news and events of the Gymnastics world. I first got to know The Zone by wearing their leotards as an upcoming gymnast, and later got the opportunity to model for them too, which was always fun! So it’s a pleasure to now be adding my input to this blog.

Jenny Pinches

Since the London Olympics I have kept a keen interest in this beautiful and enthralling sport, in addition to focusing on my studies. For the past two years I also competed as an NCAA college gymnast, against other universities in America. I’ll be explaining more about opportunities for British gymnasts at university programs in America later on.

I recently decided to medically retire from competing in gymnastics, due to some injuries I picked up during my career, so I am now working as an assistant coach for my team, in Los Angeles. Although I’m sad to no longer be performing for the judges, I’m feeling positive about my new role as well as grateful for the incredible experiences and lessons I have gained from my participation in gymnastics.

I look forward, as a fan, to the upcoming world championships in Glasgow this month. As it is the year before an Olympic Games, this World Championships will be used to determine which countries will qualify to compete in Rio 2016. I remember fondly being part of the GB team at the World Championships of 2011, and the tears of joy we cried when we discovered that we had scored well enough to qualify for the London 2012 Olympic Games. I’m confident that our current national team members will be able to successfully do the same this time around.

I’ll be cheering them on through my computer screen the whole way!

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