Home workout for gymnasts

Your gym is closed for the next few weeks and you want to continue your strength training at home? But you are not quite sure what to do or you have run out of exercise ideas? Then this blog is exactly what you need! Here you will find two complete workout examples which you can easily do from home with no need for any equipment. You can of course also come up with your own workout routine or ask your trainer to send you some “homework” while you cannot go to the gym.

Workout A is for your legs and core, workout B is for your arms, back and calves. For best results, you should alternate your workouts and do one of each at least twice a week i.e. in total 4 workouts a week. It is important that each exercise is executed in a clean and precise manner and you are using the whole range of movement available. Quality is more important than Quantity! The amount of repetitions we have given for these workouts are for guidance purposes only. Depending on your current level of training you can swap some easier exercises for more advanced options, for example by adding some weights.

If you have a resistance band, weights, sliders or any other gymnastic training accessories at home you can of course use them, they will certainly be an added bonus.

To make our workouts accessible for everyone we have not included the need of any additional equipment. The workout should last around 30 to 45 minutes.

Workout A (Weekly workout 1 and 3)

Part 1: Legs

  • 2×15 Burpees(push-up into a jump)
  • 2×20 Squat Jumps(high knees)
  • 2×15 Jumping lunges on each leg (leg change on each lunge)
  • 2×30 rebound jumps
  • 2×10 rolls into a shoulder stand (get up on one leg)

Part 2: Core

  • 2×30 Side crunches
  • 2×15 Crunches
  • 2×30 Seconds dish rock
  • 2×10 Reverse hip lift
  • 2x15Seconds straddle lever hold

Workout B (Weekly workout 2 and 4)

Part 1: Arms

  • 2×5 Headstand
  • 2×15 Push-Ups
  • 2×15 Dips (you can use a chair or a small stool for this)
  • 2×5 Headstand Push-Ups
  • 2×15 Combos Plank – Push-Up – Plank
  • Bonus: 2×10 Pull-Ups(Maybe you can find a bar on a playground)

Part 2:Back and Calves

  • 2×50 calf-raises (both legs)
  • 2×30 seconds: dish shape held still
  • 2×30 secondsdish shape (arms and legs are rocking)
  • 2×30 seconds dish shape rocking on your side
  • 2×30 seconds dish shape with arms and legs „paddling“

Remember:  any extra strength that you build up in your body now will make the training after the break a lot easier. Use this time wisely! We wish you a lot of fun with your strength training!

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