Gymnastics Puzzles & Quiz

While away the lockdown hours with The Zone’s gymnastics puzzles & quiz. Play with a gymnastics friend and see who can complete the puzzles first, or play together with your parents for a little extra help! With a fun gymnastics themed word search, a head scratching set of amusing anagrams and a brain teasing general gymnastics knowledge quiz we’re sure you’ll love these puzzles!

Word Search

Get ready for our gymnastics themed word search. Find the 23 words associated with gymnastics hidden in the grid below. They can be read backwards, forwards, or even in a diagonal – but always in a straight line. Can you complete the challenge and discover them all?

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Re-arrange the letters below and find five British Gymnastics stars:

find the correct answers at the foot of the page

Quiz time!

Test your gymnastics knowledge in our quiz to reveal a famous gymnast spelt out in the first letter of each answer. We’ve completed the first one for you to give you a helping hand!

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