COVID-19 – Advice for Gymnastics Coaches and Teachers

Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the government announced that from Friday 20th March all gymnastics classes in the UK are to close until further notice. We are extremely saddened by this news as we know how much of a financial and emotional strain this will put on coaches of gymnastics across the UK, many of whom are self-employed.  On 26th March the Chancellor announced that some financial support will be available to self employed gymnastics coaches. However to be eligible for this support you must meet the following criteria: ... Read More

Home workout for gymnasts

Your gym is closed for the next few weeks and you want to continue your strength training at home? But you are not quite sure what to do or you have run out of exercise ideas? Then this blog is exactly what you need! Here you will find two complete workout examples which you can easily do from home with no need for any equipment. You can of course also come up with your own workout routine or ask your trainer to send you some “homework” while you cannot go... Read More

Is your Gym closed? Train at home!

Has your Gym been closed for the next couple of weeks and you cannot continue your scheduled training sessions? That is of course a real shame but please make sure that you stay fit and active in the meantime! So that you do not get bored and out of shape we have gathered a few ideas on how to train at home. Your “real“ training on movements and elements that you have not fully mastered yet, will unfortunately have to wait for now as the danger of injury is just... Read More


Gymnastics 2020: A look ahead to the Tokyo Olympics

It’s that time again. After waiting for what seems like forever (and really four years is basically forever), the Olympics and Paralympics are back and this time they’re in Tokyo Japan, the city known for its colour, energy, culture and life, so you can guess we’re expecting a lot from this year’s events. Although the actual location of the event is something to definitely be excited for, with the inevitable epic Open Ceremony event (I wonder if they’ll have a giant firework Pikachu) and the beautiful official motto “United by... Read More

WIN Tickets for the Gymnastics World Cup – Arena Birmingham – 28.03.20

Want to see some of the biggest names in the gymnastics world in 2020?? Yes Please we hear you scream!! This hotly anticipated competition is the ONLY 2020 Olympic Qualifier event to be held in Britain. With a total of 12 world medallists battling it out to represent their countries the Gymnastics World Cup is the hottest event for 2020! The Zone is giving you the chance to win an All Day Family Ticket for this fantastic competition – worth £138!!! Here’s how to win a pair of tickets to... Read More


A Guide To Gymnastics Accessories

How to pick the best accessories for your gymnastics look! Accessories are the best part of most social events. They have the ability to change your outfit in many ways, you could match them, wear different coloured ones for an edgy look or go for patterned ones to up your stylistic game! You may think that gymnastics is a sport that doesn’t have a lot of choice in accessories, when in reality, there’s a lot to choose from.  Here at the Zone we decided to put together a little guide... Read More

The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

Wednesday sees the launch of the Commonwealth Games, an 11 day athletic treat with enough gymnastics competition to soothe the most insatiable of acrobatic appetites. The 20th instalment of the Games takes place in Glasgow, with the competition returning to British soil for the first time since Manchester 2002. At The Zone we can barely contain our excitement! So we’re giving you an outline of all things gymnastics over the next couple of weeks to fully prepare you for the events coming out of Glasgow! First of all the gymnasts... Read More

Special Gymnastics Memories: Kerri Strug’s Vault

With only two weeks to go before the start of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, we are continuing with our theme of Favourite International Gymnastics Moment. Kerri Strug’s determination and “true grit” received many nominations from The Zone team. The prospect to perform a make-or-break second vault for the Olympic gold medal is surely one of the most terrifying scenarios imaginable… now envisage attempting the vault with two torn ligaments in your left ankle. This was exactly the situaticon facing US gymnast Kerri Strug, and it is exactly why this moment... Read More

Special Gymnastics Memories: The Korbut Flip

In the run-up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games, we at The Zone have picked a number of key moments that we think deserve to be highlighted as some of the most amazing gymnastics achievements in international competition over the last few decades. Share your favourite memories with us on our Facebook page In 1972, gymnastics was given a breath of fresh air, flying on the wings of “the Sparrow from Minsk”, in a moment that would change gymnastics for the next half century! That Backflip: Olga Korbut wows crowds with... Read More

Fighting for Perfection

The Winter Paralympics 2014 opens tomorrow marking the last event of three years full of sporting prowess. Whether they are experts on the snow, on the beam or on the court sportsmen and women from across the world have been training for years in the build up to the Olympics and Paralympics (2012/2014). Although they come from different countries, backgrounds and disciplines all of them have one thing in common- they have spent their lives fighting for perfection. Indeed the majority of the gymnasts, tennis players, skiers etc., who have... Read More