Benefits of Gymnastics for Children

Picture this. Your giddy child runs up to you one night while you’re watching ‘Greys Anatomy’, they’re complimenting you and being overly nice (this isn’t usual what do they want now) eventually they spit it out. They’d like to start gymnastics. Your mind begins to wander; I thought they wanted to start piano lessons? What about injuries? What about the classes? Where do I get the kit from? Don’t worry, believe me. Gymnastics is such a wonderful thing for your child to get into. Not only will it keep them... Read More


Our best floor songs for gymnastics

      One of the best parts of gymnastics is doing your floor routine to an epic soundtrack, it could be the strong synths of Madagascar by Hans Zimmer or the upbeat “Oh”s of Simone Biles’ 2016 Olympic floor routine, we all love how much music can change a performance. We decided to put together some tunes that make great floor routines; they have everything you need, drama, passion and rhythm! Floor songs from the Movies: As music and film nerds, we believe theme songs are the best kind... Read More