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Gymnastics 2020: A look ahead to the Tokyo Olympics

It’s that time again. After waiting for what seems like forever (and really four years is basically forever), the Olympics and Paralympics are back and this time they’re in Tokyo Japan, the city known for its colour, energy, culture and life, so you can guess we’re expecting a lot from this year’s events. Although the actual location of the event is something to definitely be excited for, with the inevitable epic Open Ceremony event (I wonder if they’ll have a giant firework Pikachu) and the beautiful official motto “United by... Read More


A Guide To Gymnastics Accessories

How to pick the best accessories for your gymnastics look! Accessories are the best part of most social events. They have the ability to change your outfit in many ways, you could match them, wear different coloured ones for an edgy look or go for patterned ones to up your stylistic game! You may think that gymnastics is a sport that doesn’t have a lot of choice in accessories, when in reality, there’s a lot to choose from.  Here at the Zone we decided to put together a little guide... Read More


What are the health benefits of gymnastics?

How gymnastics is super beneficial for your body! I’m sure many of you wonder what the health benefits of gymnastics actually are. Will gymnastics increase flexibility? Will practicing gymnastics help with bone health? Will gymnastics help with balance? Well the answer is yes, and in this blog, we’ll explore why practicing gymnastics is actually great for your physical health! Strength Training in gymnastics helps increase your strength massively. Not only is gymnastics a full body workout (which is super for your body) it also helps improve your strength. This is... Read More

Benefits of Gymnastics for Children

Picture this. Your giddy child runs up to you one night while you’re watching ‘Greys Anatomy’, they’re complimenting you and being overly nice (this isn’t usual what do they want now) eventually they spit it out. They’d like to start gymnastics. Your mind begins to wander; I thought they wanted to start piano lessons? What about injuries? What about the classes? Where do I get the kit from? Don’t worry, believe me. Gymnastics is such a wonderful thing for your child to get into. Not only will it keep them... Read More


Our best floor songs for gymnastics

      One of the best parts of gymnastics is doing your floor routine to an epic soundtrack, it could be the strong synths of Madagascar by Hans Zimmer or the upbeat “Oh”s of Simone Biles’ 2016 Olympic floor routine, we all love how much music can change a performance. We decided to put together some tunes that make great floor routines; they have everything you need, drama, passion and rhythm! Floor songs from the Movies: As music and film nerds, we believe theme songs are the best kind... Read More