A Guide To Gymnastics Accessories

How to pick the best accessories for your gymnastics look!

Accessories are the best part of most social events. They have the ability to change your outfit in many ways, you could match them, wear different coloured ones for an edgy look or go for patterned ones to up your stylistic game! You may think that gymnastics is a sport that doesn’t have a lot of choice in accessories, when in reality, there’s a lot to choose from. 

Here at the Zone we decided to put together a little guide to picking the best accessories for your gymnastics look! 

Step 1) Find Your Leo!

First, start with a leo that you like. You need one that compliments you, get a colour that you like, find a design or motif that catches your eye, maybe get a multi-coloured one so you can match with various accessories! For this look book, we’ve chosen the Zone’s ¾ length sleeve Selina in lilac. The shimmering effect of this gorgeous leo give us lots to work with. 

Step 2) Get a scrunchie! 

The scrunchie is our favourite gymnastics hair accessory. Do you want glittery? Patterned? Velour? Lycra? There’s so much to choose from! Pick one that either a) goes with the colour of your leo or b) stands out from your leo. Mix and match to your hearts content. Your scrunchie really helps tie your look together so you can look fashionable and put together! 

For this look we’ve chosen the Liberty Hair Scrunchie in Lilac! You could even double up to make a space bun hair look? 

3) Bags, Bags & More Bags

Treat yourself to an actual gymnastics bag. You’re gonna need to store all your gymnastics equipment somewhere! The things to look out for with a gymnastics bag is: is it big enough? Is it secure? Are the straps adjustable? And last but not least, does it look good? Here at the Zone we want all of our customers to stand out and look fabulous, why not get a bag with a bit of bling on it, for that extra something? 

For this look book, we’ve chosen the Zone’s Gymnastics Backpackwith a super cute gymnastics motif! 

You don’t need to match your bag with your gym style, but wouldn’t it be cool if you had a handguard bag that went with your look? 

For this look we’ve chosen the Gymnastics Shine Handguard Bagin silver! 

4) Grab Yourself Some Funky Shorts!

It’s basically a known fact that you can never have enough shorts (I have way too many and I’m proud). Shorts can help you keep warm and comfortable for training, or just heading to and from the gym. If your leo has a velour mid like the Selina, you can match shorts quite easily. 

And what’s better than matching shorts? Matching shorts with extra sparkle! Get some shorts with a motif! 

For this look we’ve chosen The Zone’s Twist Velour shortsin Black! 

4.5) What About Leggings?

Why not get some leggings to complete your look as well?  With leggings, you can wear them in the gym and out, and here at The Zone, we have a large range of velour gymnastics leggings, perfect for completing any gymnastics look!

For this look we’ve chosen The Zone’s Dazzle Smooth Velour Leggings(and they’re sparkly!). 

5) Jumpers Galore!

Nothing is better than a new cosy jumper. Get one that matches your colour scheme maybe? For this look were going with the purple Zone Hooded Top, but feel free to mix and match with jumpers, the world is your oyster! 

(If you’re in a club, your club has the option of personalising a hoodie so you can represent them and your fave colour!)

6) Wear With A Smile

Its gonna sound cheesy but the best accessory is a smile. Own your fabulous look. You know you’re gonna do great at your next competition, you’ve got all the gear, your outfit is on point, you just need the confidence to go forth and own it! 

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