13 reasons why I need a new leotard!

Have you seen it yet? The new catalogue is out, and full of gorgeous leotards for your training comfort and joy. Whilst we think the new designs are reason enough to make an order, sometimes mum and dad can need a little extra convincing…

Here are 13 reasons why you might need a new leotard!

1. “I’ve grown a foot in the last month!”⬆️



2. “My dad washed my favourite leotard at 90 degrees”



3. “I have a new favourite colour! Purple is so last week- now it’s got to be pink”



4. “Summer is over. It’s time to build my winter wardrobe.”❄️



5. “True best friends have matching leos”



6. “It’s my dog’s birthday! We’re throwing him a party at gym, so a new leo is a ~must~ for the occasion”


Dogs wearing party hats

Image from Flickr user Gomagoti

7. “I accidentally decorated my best leotard with last night’s dinner…”



8. “New floor routine! = new me = new leo”



9. Beyoncé would never perform in the same leo twice!”



10. “My old leos are giving me wedgies…”



11. “I’ve already instagrammed all my current leotards”


12. “I’m trying to collect every colour in the rainbow!”



13. “My little sister just discovered sharpies…”


If these reasons haven’t given you excuse enough to steal a bargain now, just remember Christmas is approaching! (7 weeks to go)

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